Visiting Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

Looking forward to Expedition Everest the most! Can’t wait for Kali River Rapids (which we didn’t ride at Christmas because it was too cold) and Kilimanjaro Safaris too!

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  1. Elifaza says:

    your post is really good and informative. i’m surprised that your post has not gotten any. good quality, genuine comments. you have done a great job by posting this article. thanks!!!

    • Dilan says:

      I agree with Elizabeth! I personally would never do sonihtemg like this. It would put a cramp in my travels that I would HAVE to eat at a certain restaurant at a certain time, long before I ever start. I’ve found that you can normally get into these long sought after disney restaurants if you just walk up at an off time anyway.

  2. Dulce says:

    so many info, thanks a lot.

    • Zach says:

      I noticed that all non-Disney retasurants (Yak & Yeti, Tutto Italia, etc) don’t have menus listed. All Disney owned ones are listed though. So I’m wondering if the non-Disney retasurants will ever be available on the site.

      • Gray says:

        I totally agree! Even tughoh the AKL & WL are great to visit & I do love some of the restaurants, I wouldn’t jump at the chance to stay there. It IS all about location our faves are Beach Club & Bay Lake Tower. We are DVC members and love that we can stay at our favorite places. Not to say that the others aren’t great but the closeness to Epcot & Hollywood or Magic Kingdom are worth every penny. Thanks for sharing this mutual opinion : )

  3. Aniele says:

    writing is not a easy thing to do, it takes creativity and good sense, and you’ve got it!

    • Auth says:

      I am so happy to hear this news! did a good job of providing menus on its site, but soeemitms the menus were outdated. It is high time Disney added this feature to its website. Yay!

  4. Dagmar says:

    this is nice post!

  5. Eloísa says:

    i can only compliment you for the good job you have been doing in this blog, congratulations and keep it coming.

    • alexander says:

      We try to schedule as far out as pibsosle simply to book something that we know we’d like at a reasonable time for our 3yr old daughter, then we review our plans closer to our trip to nail down as much as we can depending on changes to our itinerary. This basically works and provides us with an opportunity to think about our vacations a little more booking reservations is so much fun! I’m enjoying the online booking system, and appreciate the automatic email confirmation, however, there have been times that I’ve tried to make a reservation and the system says that there’s no availability, and I call the booking agents and there’s a time available. I find that if I try a time and move back or forward on the hour that I usually can get something close to the initial time I wanted.As for 6 months ahead? Like AJ, we’ll probably stick with 3 months out for all but Le Cellier.

      • Jhonatan says:

        Just a correction: The Magic Kingdom is acsbicsele to the Wilderness Lodge by a relaxing boat ride. Several times we have seen the fireworks at Magic Kingdom from Bay Lake on our boat ride back to Wilderness Lodge. We have also viewed the Electrical Water Pageant from the boat as were were returning from the Magic Kingdom.

    • Auth says:

      Dinner inside Disney is espenxive. . like all theme parks are. I went to it last January and it was 40 Euros for a nice. But you can get cheaper price if you look for it, example fast food. I never went to a hotel room. And I am not sure where you are coming from using Eurostar. England maybe? If so you can just look all that info in their website. they tell you what sort of things you can bring in with you, and how long the trip is going to take. I am not sure if they do full trips from England to Disney. . but i took the fast. . . train. . in Paris and it took like 1 hours to get to Disney. did my best. You didn’t really give me much info. . .

  6. Cleiton says:

    My husband and I were just tanlikg about the mickey ice cream bars as the ice cream truck was driving through out neighborhood. We’ve also been tanlikg about the disney cruise that will be doing a short stint out of Galveston in the fall of 2012. Do you know if the cruise ships stock the various ice cream novelties that can be found throughout the parks? And what about the pineapple dole whip? thanks!

  7. Obioma says:

    and @Watch_Me_Eat: Spontaneous dining is a draw for me as well. Back when ADRs were 180 bokiong window a few years ago, I still booked only about 2 or 3 months ahead . I mentioned on twitter that I might just have to call every day starting October 27th and see when I can get a Le Cellier bokiong then just plan the vacation around that @Brad: Good call on the big trip planning being easier. Then again, Disney still won’t release park hours farther than 3 months out, which means you’re scheduling dining without knowing park hours. Ugh.

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