Discover the Magic of Disney – eBook update

I’ve updated the cover on my new eBook, Discover the Magic: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Walt Disney World. Hope you’ll check it out! I wasn’t quite happy with the original cover. To me, it looked more like a PowerPoint slide than a ‘real’ book cover. It didn’t translate well to the small images you find in the Amazon store in the product previews. I think making the cover photo span the entire cover, rather than just a part of the cover like in the original, does the book justice.

Disney Travel Guide

Newly redesigned cover for my ebook.

This was a picture I took a few years ago. It’s really hard to get good fireworks pictures at Cinderella Castle. It’s usually too crowded on Main Street USA to use a tripod, and it’s too much hassle to carry one for the entire trip. You gotta time it just right to get the fireworks as they explode, and have a real steady hand! The “Wishes” closing show at Magic Kingdom is my favorite of all the closing shows at WDW, and this is one of my favorite pics (out of literally 100s) that I’ve taken.

The book is an Amazon exclusive eBook download(for now), but if you don’t have a Kindle you can still use the FREE Kindle iTunes app or FREE Kindle PC app to read the book on other devices. I’m working on a print version that should be available by the end of the summer.

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