Hollywood Studios Osborne Lights

Here’s a pic from our trip to Disney last Christmas

Hollywood Studios Osborne Lights

Osborne Lights Display at Hollywood Studios

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Two things I love are travel and writing. It only makes sense that the two should come together in the form of a Disney website, Blog, and eBook travel guides. My first book, "Discover the Magic: The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Walt Disney World" captures the essence of the happiest place on Earth- Walt Disney World! There is no place like Disney for a magical, mystical vacation. Though I was never able to visit as a child (we didn't take 'big' vacations like that) I fell in love with the place the first time my family and I walked through the gates of Magic Kingdom several years ago. Now, I just can't get enough of it! I published my book because I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with others in hopes that they too would enjoy the Magic of Walt Disney World as much as I do. Hopefully the tips, park guides, and other details in the book will help make your vacation to Disney even better!
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2 Responses to Hollywood Studios Osborne Lights

  1. Elusa says:

    i like what you are saying. great post.

  2. Fleur says:

    I agree. Family memories smmotiees need to win out. We have pulled our daughter out each year, and I will be pulling both kids out in about a month for another WDW trip. These trips with family and friends are a must. And by the way, the trip in December rocked, and I am so glad that we BOTH pulled our kids out of school. That picture is one of my all-time favorite Disney pictures! See you again soon!

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