Disney Tips & Secrets: Roger Wilk’s best-selling Disney travel guide, updated for 2014! More tips! More photos! More MAGIC!

Discover Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney Vacation – all new 2nd edition!

Entrance to Magic Kingdom - Let the Memories Begin!

Let the Memories Begin!

I’ve taken my best selling book, Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney World Vacation and made it even better for 2014! The original 200 Disney tips have been updated to cover the changes that are constantly occurring in the Disney parks, plus for 2014 I’ve added a giant new Bonus Tips section feature 40 BRAND NEW tips! AND, I’ve added more than 20 new photos to this edition!

Disney Tips & Secrets is a compilation of tips & tricks that my family and I have gathered through our many trips to Disney parks since our first trip back in 2008. It contains lots of money saving tips and tips to save you time in the parks too!

In Disney Tips & Secrets you learn things like:

  • Disney Tips & Secrets - 2nd edition
    Disney Tips & Secrets – 2nd edition

    Where is the secret exit at Magic Kingdom to help you beat the crowds after the Wishes fireworks show? (Tip #101)

  • Where can you find the cheapest soft drinks in all of Walt Disney World? (Tip #118)
  • What’s the secret to getting a reservation as the top Disney restaurants? (Tips #235-237)
  • What can you do if you lose your park tickets? (Tip # 223)
  • What’s the one thing you don’t want to wear to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park? (Tip # 169)
  • What’s the secret to maxing out your score (999,999) on Buzz Lightyear? (Tip #104)

The 2nd edition of Disney Tips & Secrets is about 25% longer than the original. That’s 25% more magic for the same great price! Check out the 2014 edition of Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney World Vacation– and let the memories begin… TODAY!

See the magic of Cinderella Castle!

See the magic of Cinderella Castle!

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