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Two things I love are travel and writing. It only makes sense that the two should come together in the form of a Disney website, Blog, and eBook travel guides. My first book, "Discover the Magic: The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Walt Disney World" captures the essence of the happiest place on Earth- Walt Disney World! There is no place like Disney for a magical, mystical vacation. Though I was never able to visit as a child (we didn't take 'big' vacations like that) I fell in love with the place the first time my family and I walked through the gates of Magic Kingdom several years ago. Now, I just can't get enough of it! I published my book because I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with others in hopes that they too would enjoy the Magic of Walt Disney World as much as I do. Hopefully the tips, park guides, and other details in the book will help make your vacation to Disney even better!

Disney Tips & Secrets: Roger Wilk’s best-selling Disney travel guide, updated for 2014! More tips! More photos! More MAGIC!

Discover Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney Vacation – all new 2nd edition!

Entrance to Magic Kingdom - Let the Memories Begin!

Let the Memories Begin!

I’ve taken my best selling book, Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney World Vacation and made it even better for 2014! The original 200 Disney tips have been updated to cover the changes that are constantly occurring in the Disney parks, plus for 2014 I’ve added a giant new Bonus Tips section feature 40 BRAND NEW tips! AND, I’ve added more than 20 new photos to this edition!

Disney Tips & Secrets is a compilation of tips & tricks that my family and I have gathered through our many trips to Disney parks since our first trip back in 2008. It contains lots of money saving tips and tips to save you time in the parks too!

In Disney Tips & Secrets you learn things like:

  • Disney Tips & Secrets - 2nd edition
    Disney Tips & Secrets – 2nd edition

    Where is the secret exit at Magic Kingdom to help you beat the crowds after the Wishes fireworks show? (Tip #101)

  • Where can you find the cheapest soft drinks in all of Walt Disney World? (Tip #118)
  • What’s the secret to getting a reservation as the top Disney restaurants? (Tips #235-237)
  • What can you do if you lose your park tickets? (Tip # 223)
  • What’s the one thing you don’t want to wear to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park? (Tip # 169)
  • What’s the secret to maxing out your score (999,999) on Buzz Lightyear? (Tip #104)

The 2nd edition of Disney Tips & Secrets is about 25% longer than the original. That’s 25% more magic for the same great price! Check out the 2014 edition of Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney World Vacation– and let the memories begin… TODAY!

See the magic of Cinderella Castle!

See the magic of Cinderella Castle!

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Delicious Holiday Cupcakes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Holiday cupcakes at Hollywood Studios!

Halloween Cupcakes at Hollywood Studios

Halloween Cupcakes at Hollywood Studios

Check out the delicious holiday goodness at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park! Disney bakers have been busy as usual dreaming up these delectable baked goods for the holiday season. The sweet fun of these designer cupcakes is available exclusively at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Cupcake Mania kicked off with a yummy pumpkin cupcake with maple icing. A tiny pumpkin with mouse ears topped off the seasonal treat available in the park through November 30.

Disney Christmas Cupcake

Disney Christmas Cupcake

Disney Christmas cupcakes too!

For the Christmas holiday season, Disney bakers have dreamed up a delightful gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese frosting, red and green sprinkles, a little red bow and “elf cap” to celebrate the winter holidays. These delicious treats will be available at specific locations at Hollywood Studios from December 2nd through January 5th to help you celebrate the season and ring in the new year.

These delicious cupcakes are available for $5.19 at ABC CommissaryPizza PlanetBacklot ExpressStudio Catering Co.Starring Rolls CafeRosie’s All-American Café and Fairfax Fare. Cupcakes are also included as a dessert on the Disney Dining Plan.

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Check out Test Track 2.0 at Disney’s Epcot theme park!

One of the coolest new additions to Disney’s Epcot is the newly renovated Test Track (or Test Track 2.0), new for 2013! Sponsored by Chevrolet, the newly designed Test Track opens up new doors for riders of all ages. The re-imagined attraction adds exciting new elements making the new Test Track even BETTER than the original!

Test Track 2.0 at Epcot

Test Track 2.0 at Epcot

Compared to the previous design of Test Track, the new design provides an exciting interaction feature: designing your own car. Riders make their way into the design lab and partner up to work at touch-screen featured design stations, where they experience the new interactive element of Test Track. From the shape of the body to spoilers and jet engines, riders can take their imaginations and create almost infinite possibilities of different test cars, and their designs are loaded from an electronic card and synchronized with the ride.

See how your car stacks up against the competition

See how your car stacks up against the competition

The cars have statistics based on Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness, and Power, and when riders get to the track itself and enter the test cars, their designs are put to the test on the new and futuristic test track. Similar to the original Test Track, the ride is broken up into different tests on the four different stats, and riders are thrown into a topsy-turvy ride of dodging trucks, speeding around curves and trees, braking hard, and most of all, intense speed. As the car goes through each test, each design is graded on a point scale from 1 to 100 in each category, and ranked among the other designs in the car with the other riders, which adds a fun element of competition within the vehicle.

The fastest ride at Walt Disney World!

The fastest ride at Walt Disney World!

Riders still get the high speed experience that Test Track is known for, riders speed around the outdoor track at speeds up to 65 mph, which makes it the fastest attraction in Walt Disney World! At the end of the high speed adventure, riders get to see the final tally of their points and how they matched up with riders of the day. The highest ranked cars are displayed on the big screen just after riders exit. After that, riders can visit the showroom where the hottest GM cars of the year are displayed for photo ops. You’ll also see information about the upcoming auto developments for Chevrolet and General Motors.

Design and test your own car!

Design and test your own car!

Another cool feature about Test Track is a mini feature with the cars riders design; after the ride, riders load their designs to a computer and race them on a mini track in a computer. All of these new features make Test Track currently the most popular ride at Epcot, so riders have to be quick to get in line or fight for their FastPasses!

Test Track design studio

Test Track design studio

There’s been much debate about whether or not Test Track 2.0 is better than the original. Many people admire the new futuristic look, but enjoyed the more realistic approach to being on a test track in the original ride. The customization of the designs of cars is hugely popular, but so was the feel of being a human crash-dummy in the original. All in all, I love the new Test Track, and I favor it over the original because of the imaginative aspects it brings to contribute to what Epcot offers. Many people commented on the design saying it resembled TRON, but the futuristic aspects make the ride way more enjoyable for me. Whichever version of the ride you prefer, riders will agree that Test Track will continue to offer thrills to riders of all ages!

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All new flavors at Epcot’s “Club Cool”

Have you checked out the new flavors at Epcot’s “Club Cool”? In case you don’t know, Club Cool is a Coca-Cola sponsored shop located in the Innoventions West Pavilion at Epcot.  They have lots of cool Coca-Cola gear, and giant soft drink machines distributing soda flavors from around the world. Best of all??? ALL the drinks are free!club-cool

Sure you can buy a bottle of your favorite soda, but the real draw are the unlimited mini-sample sizes you can get from the drink machines. This fall, Disney has replaced almost all the flavors with brand new ones including:

New Flavors at Club Cool!

New Flavors at Club Cool!

  • Fanta – Fanta debuted in Europe in the 1940s and was introduced in the U.S.A. in 1960s. It’s now available in more than 90 flavors.
  • VegitaBeta – This Japanese beverage combines apricot and passion fruit flavors.
  • Fanta (Melon Frosty) – This melon-flavored soda is number one in Thailand.
  • Bibo – This fruit-flavored juice drink originates from South Africa.
  • Sparberry – This raspberry cream-flavored soda has been a favorite in Africa since 1955.
  • Guarana Kuat – This drink, flavored after the guarana berry, is popular in Brazil.
  • Inca Kola – This Peruvian favorite offers a sweet, almost bubblegum-like taste.

The only holdout from the previous selections is everybody’s “love to hate” soft drink from Italy, Beverly!

Be sure to stop by “Club Cool” at Disney’s Epcot theme park to get your free samples!

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Boma Breakfast: A feast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Breakfast at Boma!

Fresh-baked goods at Boma

Fresh-baked goods at Boma

While on our last adventure, we came across one restaurant in particular that gave us more than just your everyday breakfast buffet. Located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma – Flavors of Africa is a unique restaurant with an African flair that keeps customers coming back for more than seconds.

Boma Breakfast Buffet

Boma Breakfast Buffet

Located downstairs in the beautiful atmosphere of the hotel, you can already tell that Boma is something special when you walk in. The walls and ceilings are decorated with beautiful paintings and sculptures that really do provide an African feel to your meal. When you’re seated, you’re offered standard breakfast beverage fare, but you also have the opportunity to try authentic Kenyan coffee, or the refreshing house juice made of guava, passion fruit, and mango that is unique to Boma.

When you walk up to the numerous buffet tables that stretch across the back of the restaurant, you’ll notice something that this is no ordinary buffet. Though Boma does offer different cereals, pastries, breakfast meats, eggs, potatoes, and other usual breakfast foods, Boma’s African flair makes the offered foods very unique. You can try dishes such as Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese, Quinoa with special African Seasoning, and many other dishes you couldn’t try anywhere else. One popular dish is the Corn Beef Bobotie, an African-inspired quiche dish that has a kick to it. To top it off, you can even add made-to-order omelets and freshly carved meats to your plate, or should I say, plates.


There are so many different options and combinations of food to try, and you’ll definitely be eating for a while. As you eat, the ambiance of the restaurant is kicked up a notch when dancers in African garb will parade around the tables, playing African drums to liven the restaurant. Your meal becomes more than just a meal, it becomes an experience! Though we only got to experience breakfast, we are confident that Boma provides the same  African twist on its lunch and dinner buffets too!


It’s safe to say that we will definitely be returning to Boma, as our breakfast was both memorable and delicious! This restaurant is definitely worth checking out the next time you and some hungry family and friends are looking for an excellent breakfast that Disney Dining truly offers!

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Dinner at “Be Our Guest” restaurant in The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World – Review

If you’re one of those lucky enough to book a reservation to the “Be Our Guest” restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park, you’re in for a special treat! The food, service, and atmosphere are among the best dining experiences in all of Walt Disney World and your meal will certainly become one of the most treasured memories of your Disney vacation.

Grand Ballroom at Be Our Guest restaurant

Grand Ballroom at Be Our Guest restaurant

Our dining experience got off to a shaky start as we waited in the check-in line for about 15 minutes in the hot Florida summer sun. Disney would do well to add an awning or some other shaded area for guests as they go through the check-in process. It was also somewhat disorganized as one line was for walk-up customers and the other was for those with reservations. The reservation line split into two separate lines as you approached the booth which caused some confusion. To play it safe, mom and dad split up, one in each line, to see who would get to the front first.

Waterfall near the Beast's Castle

Waterfall near the Beast’s Castle

When we finally made it to the front of the line, the hostess pointed out that we were ‘a little late’. She was nice about it and said it was not a problem when I noted that we were in line by 4:00 for our 4:05 reservation.

The check-in process went pretty quickly for us which made us wonder why the line had moved so slowly. We requested seating in the West Wing, home of the ‘Enchanted Rose’. We were told our preference would be noted, but that seating in the West Wing could not be guaranteed. The party in front of us requested West Wing seating as well, but with three small children they were discouraged from dining in that area. The West Wing is smaller, more elegant, and generally a quieter setting and Disney is hoping to reduce the chances of a screaming baby or toddler ruining the atmosphere for the 50 or so guests seated there. Also, the thunder and lightning in the room tend to scare the little ones. (More on that later.)

After check-in was complete, we were handed a pager and asked to wait on the bridge leading to the Beast’s castle. The bridge offers scenic views of the castle and surrounding grounds, but little shade. This was not an issue as the ‘Gatekeeper’, one of the Beast’s servants, summoned us within minutes. I barely had a chance to snap any photos!

Grand Ballroom - Snowy windows

Grand Ballroom – Snowy windows

As we walked through the Grand Ballroom en route to our table, we were floored by the beauty and opulence of the setting. The mural on the ceiling is truly a wonder to behold and the crystal chandeliers are the perfect touch. One thing we did notice is that the main dining room is quite loud. The high ceiling and vast expanse of the area create an auditory assault on your ears. We were glad there was seating available in the West Wing which was quite a bit quieter and more intimate.

West Wing at The Beast's Castle's Be Our Guest restaurant

West Wing at The Beast’s Castle’s Be Our Guest restaurant

Our meal began with delicious fresh-baked bread. Pretty standard fare, but delicious nonetheless. There are also a variety of appetizers offered such as Assorted Cured Meats and Sausages, French Onion Soup, Mussels Provencal, and Potato Leek Soup. We elected to pass on those and head straight for the main course!

Before I get to that, it should be noted that through some ‘Disney Magic’, Be Our Guest is the only place in the Magic Kingdom where alcohol is served! There are a variety of beer and wine offerings available. We elected to pass on those options and selected good ole’ ‘Florida Tap on the rocks’ as our beverage of choice.

Although the menu is somewhat limited, there should be something for everyone. The menu options include choices of pork, chicken, beef, a couple of seafood options, and Ratatouille as well. There are also the standard ‘kids menu’ options for the little ones.

Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops

Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops

At our table, we tried to order a variety so we could try (almost) everything. I had the Grilled Strip Steak ($29.99), a couple of us had the Rotisserie Rock Hen ($15.99), and my oldest son ordered the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops served with a Puff Pastry and Creamy Lobster Sauce ($22.99). Our youngest had the Steak Tips off the kids menu, which looked pretty tasty too!

Grilled Strip Steak

Grilled Strip Steak

The presentation of all of the dishes was outstanding, and we all agreed that Be Our Guest was probably our tastiest meal of all the great food we enjoyed during our 13-day Disney vacation. In fact, one of the boys declared it was the “best meal I’ve had in my entire life!”

Rotisserie Rock Hen

Rotisserie Rock Hen

As we enjoyed our meal, we made sure to save room for dessert. The dessert menu consists of a variety of ‘fancy’ cupcakes and cream puffs, and at only $3.99 each, you may want to sample more than one! Again, we went with a variety- a couple of us ordered the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake, one of us chose the Triple Chocolate Cupcake, and one the Chocolate Cream Puff. I had the Lemon Meringue Cupcake which tasted as delicious as it looked!

Dessert selection at Be Our Guest

Dessert selection at Be Our Guest

Our meal was punctuated by loud claps of thunder and lightning as the rose petals fell from the Enchanted Rose in the corner of the room. Something else special also happens, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise….

Photo op with The Beast in the Library

Photo op with The Beast in the Library

During our meal, we had a surprise visit by our host- the Beast himself! He took a quick trip around the dining room, but didn’t stop at any tables. On the way out, we were surprised to discover a photo op with our host in the library, and we exited out through the area with the ‘talking knights’ which were pretty entertaining in their own right.

All in all, “Be Our Guest” was the perfect meal in every aspect and will likely be on our itinerary (if we’re lucky enough to get in!) for years to come!

Enchanted Rose in the West Wing of the Beast's Castle

Enchanted Rose in the West Wing of the Beast’s Castle

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Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Review

If you’re looking for a great on-property resort for your stay at Walt Disney World, and a deluxe resort is within your budget, you should definitely check out (and check-in to) Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Disney Polynesian Resort
Disney Polynesian Resort

The Polynesian is one of Disney’s original resort hotels (the other is the Contemporary resort) that have been around since the opening of the Magic Kingdom theme park way back in 1971. It is one of four Disney resorts offering monorail transportation to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot theme parks, which is a great convenience for guests during their stay. Disney’s Grand Floridian, Contemporary Resort, and Bay Lake Tower offer a similar convenience.

Evening at the Polynesian

Evening at the Polynesian

The Polynesian resort consists of several separate buildings with names like ‘Tahiti’, ‘Hawaii’, ‘Samoa’, and ‘Tokelau’, authentically presented with ‘island flair’, a couple of pools (including one with a giant volcano and water slide), and a variety of restaurants and gift shops to explore and enjoy. The lush tropical grounds feature two pools, and can be traversed using a variety of winding pathways through the gorgeous tropical foliage. There are several small waterfalls and creeks dotting the landscape which provide a truly immersive experience for you to enjoy.

The centerpiece of the resort is the Great Ceremonial House which is the lobby of the resort and contains the resort’s restaurants and gift shops. It is also home to a very nice little arcade for the videogame buffs in the family.

Waterfall at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Waterfall at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

The Polynesian’s three restaurants are ‘Ohana, Captain Cook’s, and Kona Café. ‘Ohana features a delicious family-style all-you-can-eat feast of skewers and skewers of beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp cooked over an open wood burning grill and topped off with a variety of delicious side dishes. (See full review here.) There is also a character breakfast available each morning at ‘Ohana featuring Mickey and Pluto. Captain Cook’s is a quick-service restaurant offering both standard American dishes and authentic Polynesian offerings throughout the day, and Kona Café is a sit-down dining experience offering dishes such as Tonga Toast and Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes for breakfast, Big Island Tacos and an Island Chicken Sandwich for lunch, and Grilled Lamb Chops and Togarashi Spiced Ahi Tuna for dinner.

Wishes fireworks from a balcony at Polynesian

Wishes fireworks from a balcony at Polynesian

The resort has a beautiful beach on the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon and looking out toward the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella Castle towering in the distance. There are nightly movies on the beach as well as an Electrical Water Pageant light show in the lagoon each evening. Unfortunately, the beach is only for ‘looks’. You cannot swim in the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Each evening you can enjoy the “Wishes” fireworks extravaganza from the beach or from the comfort of your balcony if you’ve upgraded to a room with a ‘Theme Park view’. If you want to get fully immersed in the tastes, sights, and sounds of the islands, you can also check out the Spirit of Aloha dinner show and luau occurring twice each evening. The luau requires a separate ticket (which includes dinner) which runs about $60-$75 depending on where you sit, but it’s a pretty cool event if you’re willing to invest the time and money.

Room rates at Disney’s Polynesian resort range from $475-$1,063 during the value season, up to $748 – $1,554 during Disney’s peak seasons.

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Check out ‘OHana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Dinner at ‘Ohana

For a delicious all-you-can-eat family style feast with a distinct, unique flavor of the islands, check out O’Hana at Disney’s Polynesian resort. O’Hana is located on the 2nd floor of the main building at the Polynesian known as the Great Ceremonial House. If you’re planning to dine here, you’ll definitely want to have a reservation. Although you are able to put your name in for a table without a reservation, O’Hana is booked solid pretty much every night. If you go the ‘walk-in’ route, you’ll likely wait a long time to be seated. Not that it won’t be worth the wait. The food at ‘Ohana is delicious and will be certainly worth your time. Still, be sure to make reservations well in advance- just to be safe.

We visited ‘Ohana for dinner on the first day of our stay at Disney’s Polynesian resort. As we were shown to our table, we walked directly past the giant half-round wood-burning grill where all the action takes place. The sights and scents of skewers of fresh grilled meats and seafood was enough to get our mouths watering for sure!

The meal began with delightfully fresh loaves of homemade ‘Ohana Welcome Bread, followed by a mixed greens salad topped with their delicious Lilikoi house dressing. That was followed by a plate of appetizers- Pork Dumplings with Sweet-n-Sour sauce, and Honey-Coriander Chicken Wings.

Grill at 'Ohana

Grill at ‘Ohana

Next up came a delicious noodle dish with stir-fried vegetables tossed in a Teriyaki sauce. Things heated up quickly from there with the arrival of skewers and skewers of delicious beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp cooked over the open fire wood burning grill and accompanied by both Peanut and Sweet-n-Sour Sauces. Awesome! The servers seemed to time everything just right, giving each guest a few pieces of meet at a time, just as we finished the previous portion. Each tasty morsel seemed to melt in your mouth with the juices exploding in a burst of flavor.

Dessert at 'Ohana

Dessert at ‘Ohana

The hot towels brought to the table for each guest were a nice touch. The tasty sweet and sour and peanut dipping sauces brought for the meat made these towels a necessity.

The meal was topped off with a delicious concoction of ‘Ohana’s own delicious bread putting dessert. We left ‘Ohana about an hour after we arrived feeling completely stuffed and satisfied, and about $250 lighter in the wallet. Dinner with tax and tip will run you about $50/per person. Certainly not cheap, but definitely an experience well worth it!

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Arriving at Walt Disney World

Main Street USA

Main Street USA

We’re on our way to Disney World- woohoo! We’re pretty excited that this year’s trip will include our first stay at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Even more excited that we’re taking advantage of a 30% discount on our stay! Disney announced discounts for summer stays and we were able to call to upgrade from a standard view room to resort view- plus we saved about $150 on our stay. Very cool!

Our flight is right on schedule so we expect to catch Disney’s “Magical Express” transportation from Orlando International around 11:00 a.m. and should get to the Polynesian around noon. We’re going to spend the day exploring the hotel and checking out their awesome pool. We have a 5:15 reservation at O’Hana for an authentic taste of the islands!

Not sure what’s on the docket after that. We may test out Disney’s bus transportation to Downtown Disney to check out the nightlife. Tomorrow is our big Fathers’ Day lunch at Magic Kingdom’s Crystal Palace for character dining with Winnie the Pooh and friends! We’ll spend the day at Magic Kingdom and enjoy the ‘extra magic hours’ in the evening. We may even hop over to Epcot in between!

Magical Express

Disney’s Magical Express

Aboard the Magical Express

Aboard the Magical Express

We arrived at Orlando airport right on time and hopped aboard Disney’s Magical Express for the 30 minute ride to The Polynesian. It was just about the nicest bus we’ve ever ridden! Check-in at Polynesian was a snap. There was a cast member waiting for us at the entrance, iPad in hand to check us in and escort us to the front desk. The room wasn’t ready quite yet so we had time to explore the resort and grab lunch at Captain Jack’s restaurant, a quick-service restaurant with pretty good food. After lunch we chilled out for a bit in the lobby and then headed to our room.

Resort view room at Polynesian Resort

Resort view room at Polynesian Resort

The room (and view) are just gorgeous! We have a resort view room with two queens and a couch that ‘flips over’ to turn into a bed. We even discovered a ‘hidden Mickey’ on the painting in our room!

We’ll take a quick swim and head to dinner in a bit. Tonight we’ll watch the “Wishes” fireworks show at Magic Kingdom from our balcony. Can’t wait!

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Free Disney Book – Limited Time Offer!

Keys to the Kingdom

Great Disney Travel Guide!

How would you like a great Disney travel guide ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!??? No catch, no gimmicks. Download it for FREE from Amazon.com today!

If you or someone you know is planning a vacation to Walt Disney World, my newest book, “Keys to the Kingdom: Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park” is just the thing to get you started on the right track! Keys to the Kingdom features everything you need to know about Disney’s Magic Kingdom to help you prepare for the most magical vacation EVER!

In Keys to the Kingdom you’ll find things like:

  • Detailed overviews and maps for each of the lands of Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  • Ride and dining guides for each and every attraction and restaurant
  • A look at all of Magic Kingdom’s “can’t miss” attractions- and one you should avoid too!

 You’ll also get a complete guide to Magic Kingdom’s awesome shows: Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, the Main Street Electrical Parade, and the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular.

Neatly organized and supported by nearly 70 photos, maps, and charts, the Keys to the Kingdom are ready to unlock the magic of your Disney vacation!

Download Keys to the Kingdom today!

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